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Your Wellness Is Our Bottom Line!
******IMPORTANT NOTICE*********
I cannot stress enough how important health information is to you as a client and to us as practitioner for the sake of the safe administration of massage to clients suffering from either a chronic or acute health issue. Please, if you schedule with us and are suffering with a major chronic or acute health concern/injury, please be prepared to provide a doctors note with either clearance for the massage or indications of where and how massage needs to be administered. Our goal is to provide the best service possible and for that we need to be aware of any health concerns ahead of time. Please call us to update and provide a doctors not when necessary. From this time forward, if you come in and have not made us aware of health concerns where massage could potentially do harm or do not have doctors note for clearance, we will have to reschedule the appointment for your health and safety. We care about you as our clients and only wish to do what is in your best interest!  
2016 is here and we are reinventing the atmosphere of Therapeutic Massage Professionals.  We have teamed up with Dragonfly Fitness to be able to offer massage services to the clientele of Therapeutic Massage Professionals as well as to the clients of Dragonfly Fitness.  We feel that Dragonfly Fitness offers their clients a whole host of wellness options and we are excited to team up with them to serve both our clients and theirs in those needs. We've chosen to team up with Dragonfly Fitness because we feel that they are in line with our overall wellness outlook. However, this does not mean that we will not provide the convenience of mobile massage.   We realize the importance of that convenience and will work to continue to offer that to clients going forward. Finally, we are excited to announce that we are obtaining training in traditional Thai Massage and are excited to be able to offer that modality to clients in the coming months. Happy 2016!
At Therapeutic Massage Professionals YOUR WELLNESS IS OUR BOTTOM LINE!  We are strong advocates of massage as a remedy to everyday stress as well as other therapeutic applications. We believe that massage plays a vital role in your overall wellness. We feel that massage is a larger piece of the health care puzzle than most people realize and while we are not doctors and cannot diagnose or treat specific illnesses, we know that a great amount of sickness is stress related. We know that when we open the dialog between manual manipulations with our hands to clients musculature, we enable the body a wider path for self-healing.
Our massage therapy practitioners take your care AND their profession very seriously working to provide you with the most customized massage taking into account your needs as well as your wants. We believe in a thorough review of the heath intake as well as completing a verbal health assessment equips us to meet those needs. Upon the conclusion of our first appointment, we believe that it is important to review areas of tension and discuss stressors that may be contributing to those tension areas. We also like to provide our clients with ways to combat that tension through educating clients on various stretches or meditative like aids to assist the body with distressing between massages. Maintaining impeccable records allows us sustain previous tools utilized throughout your time with us and also gives us a base line for what aids and/or hinders your optimal wellness.
With stress being an everyday compounding occurrence, we know that massage will be an ever growing field. It is our hope that doctors, insurance companies and others in the health care field come to the conclusion that massage is a much needed therapeutic piece to the health care puzzle. Until then, Therapeutic Massage Professionals works to provide the public with affordable rates when compared to our competitors. We also work daily to keep ourselves up to date with this ever changing field and make sure that we sustain the knowledge needed to assist our clients with their wellness goals.  We are honored that you would allow us to play such a key role in obtaining and sustaining your wellness goals. We look forward to meeting you.
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